• AHT's Brain Injury consultant has been busy this winter, writing and recently presented her book at the International Brain Injury Association World Congress in Scotland. Pick up your copy today at amazon.com! Colleen will continue heading up our off-ice concussion awareness program in 2012.

  • Acres Hockey and Brain Navigators introduce Bringing Smart Play to Hockey Program. On and Off-ice Concussion awareness and education at Acres Hockey Schools in Canada.

  • Acres Hockey is very pleased to join forces with Brain Navigators to promote concussion awareness and Bringing Smart Play to Hockey. Skills, Tools and Education for Prevention (S.T.E.P.) via Concussions 101.

  • Great Start Initiation Program is a cornerstone of the Acres Hockey Training model.

    This program will focus on the most important skill for success in hockey=skating.

    July 30-Aug 1, 2012

  • The Foundation for Success program is the base of the Acres Hockey Training model.

    The program provides participants with the basic skill set for a successful future of playing hockey.

    July 29-Aug 2, 2012

  • The Steps to Success program is the transitional phase of Acres Hockey with the focus still on base skill development while also incorporating tactical elements of the game of hockey and proper checking fundamentals.

    The dryland component is a progression from the introductory phase developed during the Foundation program.

    July 29-Aug 2, 2012

Concussions 101












Brain Navigators, has launched a new program Concussion 101- Be Smart Play Smart, which is your toolbox for identifying and recovering from brain injuries in hockey, and other sports. The program was created to provide real, practical solutions and tools for the injured, care givers, families and coaches following a brain injury.

Colleen Butler, B.A., C.R.C. founder of Brain Navigators, is an international speaker and lifestyle coach. She has first-hand experience living with and recovering from a brain injury. In gratitude and understanding she has designed this program to give education and hope to the brain injured and those that care for them. Through her experiences and research, we know with the right education and knowledge a lot of misery and pain can be averted.

Knowledge and awareness is the first step of understanding the healing process of this very serious silent injury.

Concussion 101- Be Smart Play Smart, workshops are interactive, delivered age appropriately from 5 to 95 years. Brain Navigators offers practical tools for a safe and speedier recovery at all levels of play, delivering the message of prevention, protection, concussion identification and awareness. Brain Navigators is able to adapt our concussion program to your schedule, specific requests and time allotment. Younger player groups work well in 1 ½-2 hours, while the more developed player, coaches, care givers and parents can absorb more information of 4-8 hours.

Brain Navigators will erase the myths of concussions replacing them with the knowledge of prevention, identification, understanding, and recuperation. Concussion 101 will address topics such as;

  • What is a Concussion
  • Identification of Symptoms
  • Parts of the Brain & how it works
  • What does it "Feel" like to have a Concussion
  • Practical Tools for Recovering from a Concussion
  • Exercises Mentally and Physically to enhance the Brain, Spine & Neck
  • Nutrition
  • Concussion Prevention
  • Baseline testing is available

There are many things that can be done to minimize the effects of concussions.
Brain Navigators looks forward to sharing Concussion knowledge with you, we know what it feels like to live with an injury and do not wish it on any one.

Our ultimate goal is to get the message out, offering tools for recovery and understanding. We will work with you and your community to meet this goal. Brain Navigators remains flexible to your specific needs which may include both individual consultations as well as group presentations.

Please contact Colleen Butler at 250-716-9340 or www.BrainNavigators.com

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to concussions

"A concussion is a Brain Injury. Brain Navigators', Colleen Butler, an active community member, of The Brain Injury Association of Canada (BIAC) is making sure that young athletes and their parents understand what a concussion is, what the consequences could be from a concussion and how important it is to understand the return to play protocol. Harry Zarins, Executive Director of BIAC endorses Colleen's efforts in creating awareness about concussions. As a brain injury survivor, Colleen understands the consequences of a brain injury and the efforts and patience one has to go through to recover from one. She also knows that no two brain injuries are the same and that each person's injury can be different. This experience and her personal experiences make Colleen a valuable resource to the communities she is reaching out to."