• Acres Hockey and Brain Navigators introduce Bringing Smart Play to Hockey Program. On and Off-ice Concussion awareness and education at Acres Hockey Schools in Canada.

  • Acres Hockey Training and the Parksville Rotary Club are very pleased to announce the creation of the Michal Vincent Acres Memorial Bursary. Application deadline, July 15, 2012.

  • AHT's Brain Injury consultant has been busy this winter, writing and recently presented her book at the International Brain Injury Association World Congress in Scotland. Pick up your copy today at amazon.com! Colleen will continue heading up our off-ice concussion awareness program in 2012.

  • BASE Hockey will be in Parksville during AHT 2012 to conduct personalised stick fitting,video analysis and shooting clinic. We are very excited to have BASE Hockey join our team, add their expertise to your hockey toolbox in 2012!!!

  • Acres Hockey is pleased to announce Progressive Goaltending Development will continue to lead our goalie instruction in 2012. Andy Seppanen, Head Instructor with Progressive Goaltending will be working with the Foundation and Steps Programs.

  • AHT is extremly proud to welcome Firstar Sports to our team!!! Firstar will be providing all participants and instructors with T3 shirts as worn by Ryan Kesler, Vancouver Canucks and other apparel in 2012. www.firstarsports.com

  • Foundation for Success Program

    For ages 9 to 11.

    The Foundation for Success Program covers the building blocks for a strong future in hockey!

    Camp takes place in Parksville, BC Canada.


  • For ages 12 to 14.

    The Steps to Success Program focuses on taking your skill base up a step by kicking up the intensity of each repetition! Position Specific Training along with angling, contact confidence and battle drills are part of the Bringing Smart Play Hockey Program.

    The Program takes place in Parksville, BC Canada.


Hockey Tough-Mental Training Program


Acres Hockey is very excited to work with renowned Hockey and sport psychologist, Dr. Saul Miller. Acres Hockey participants will have the ability to gain access to HockeyTough.com at a hugely discounted member price. Schedule permitting Dr. Miller will be attending Acres Hockey 2012 Parksville Programs to work directly with you!

HockeyTough.com is an exclusive coaching website dedicated to improving the mental game of hockey. Experts and pro athletes, coaches, agents and scouts share insights and coaching techniques on improving focus, managing emotions, preparing mentally, and competing with commitment and confidence.

HockeyTough is about strengthening your mental game for hockey.  HockeyTough.com has captured the mental requirements of what it takes to be an elite hockey player perfectly. HockeyTough is important for any player young or old that wants to play at the highest levels and take their game to the next level.

Saul Miller, PhD

Sports Psychologist and Performance Consultant

Dr. Miller has been working as a sport psychologist for over three decades. His clients have included players and teams in the NFL, CFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, plus PGA Tour golfers and Olympians in over a dozen different sports. He has been coaching the mental game of hockey at every level from NHL, top leagues in Europe, to college and junior hockey, right down to youth and recreational hockey. Dr. Miller is the author of 8 books including; Hockey Tough: A Winning Mental Game, The Complete Player: Winning the Mental Game of Hockey, Why Teams Win: 9 Keys to Success, and Performing Under Pressure: Gaining the Mental Edge in Business and Sport.

"I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Saul Miller just before beginning my pro career in Europe. During this discussion Dr. Miller provided me with the tools to reign in my emotions and truly focus on putting my complete energy into hockey, during off-season training, before and during practises and games through breathing techniques to power-up and calm down, visualization and power thoughts that are outlined in his Hockey Tough book. These tools where extremely useful to me throughout my playing career in helping me to become a complete player. This website provides modern players the ability to work through the book's chapters in a fun and interactive way to help you achieve your hockey goals. There is a plethora of additional information, techniques and the ability to connect with players at all levels worldwide to learn from each other as well. Harnessing your mental abilities with the help of Dr. Miller's Hockey Tough program will elevate your game to another level."   Acres Hockey Program Director-Henry Acres

For more information on getting started with HockeyTough.com for Acres Hockey Participants, please Contact Henry.